The scope of work in “Beautiful Home fantastic Renovation”

How to make and use a “scope of work” when working on a home renovation project.

Home renovation

Why “scope of work” is important?

First of all, “Scope of work” is the construction term for the list of work that needs to be done in a home renovation project. In addition, when a contractor asks about the scope of your project. And they want to know, “What’s all you need us to do?” API Home renovation breaks down all underneath.

Define the “scope of work”

The first, is the early step when you start your plan, such as when you start talking to general contractors, your scope will likely be very vague. For example: “I want to renovate the master bathroom, including retiling and with new cabinets and fixtures.”

Next, it’s time to ask the general contractor for estimates, you’ll work with them to fill out the details. These important details make up the scope of work! As a result, the details will include the exact work that needs to be done, including specifics of materials and fixtures, as well as a drawn plan for any changes to the layout, plumbing, or electronic systems.

Finally, all the specifics need to be written down at the time you ask for a contract. Once you have signed, additional changes to the scope of work are considered “changes to the order” and will incur additional costs.

Adjust your budget and “scope of work”

However, usually, you won’t be able to move from the general specifications scope of work until you know the cost of all options. In this case, we recommend making a list of everything you want, broken down into “must-have” and “nice-to-have” lists. All in all, your contractor can help you decide on a specific scope that fits your budget.

Example of a “scope of work” in home renovation

  • Replace new toilets
  • Replace new vanity cabinets
  • Change new sinks
  • Retile floor: hardwood, vynal, laminate,…
  • Relocate shower, change shower
  • Install cement board
  • Tile shower/tub surround
  • Replace light, add new light
  • Add outlets
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Change new kitchen: setup new appliances, new cabinets, new ventilation system.



Sharni Gillson and her husband, Adam, are experienced renovators who are currently working on their fifth project together. Sharni’s salon business had to shut down during the lockdown, which prompted her to become a full-time renovator. She is responsible for the couple’s projects’ creative direction, and her exceptional design and styling skills have been further developed by attending the Three Birds Styling School.

Their latest project, Glenrock Getaway, is a “Contemporary Coastal Hamptons” retreat located in the suburbs. The couple has transformed the property into a stunning and inviting space. They have successfully integrated modern and coastal design elements to create a cohesive and harmonious ambiance. The interiors of the home are bright and open, fostering a sense of calmness and comfort.

The Glenrock Getaway is not just a renovation; it is a testament to Sharni’s skills and vision as a designer and stylist. She has seamlessly blended various design elements to create a consistent look and feel throughout the home. Every detail has been carefully considered, and her use of color and texture is exemplary.

Overall, the Glenrock Getaway is a showcase of the couple’s expertise in the renovation world. Their dedication and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the project, from the expertly executed renovation to the thoughtful styling. The Glenrock Getaway is a masterpiece, and the before-and-after photos showcase the transformation that Sharni and Adam have accomplished with this stunning renovation.

Costly Renovation Mistakes to avoid.

There really isn’t such thing as a perfect renovation, but with the right planning, process, and renovation team, you can get as close to perfect as possible. With the experience of over 600 renovation projects in the last decade, we see so many homeowners perform a lot of home renovation Do’s, but far too many renovation Don’ts. So we want to help you avoid that!

Here are the top 5 mistakes we see that you should avoid with a home renovation.

1. Ambiguous or Unmanaged Timeline

If you want to have a renovation completed by a specific date or event (Say you want to sell your home, or maybe renovate it before you have family over for the holidays), you need to plan the renovation timeline accordingly. The beginning stages of your renovation are the most crucial. Planning your timeline to meet realistic start and finish times will be essential to managing expectations. Some renovations, especially kitchens, full renovations, condos, or custom homes are complex and may need months of planning to ensure there are no delays.

2. Miscalculated budgets

Every renovation will have unknown variables that must be accounted for during the renovation. You may want to change something mid-way or decide to go in a different direction for some reason. A great rule to follow is to keep 10-15 % of your budget on the side for a ‘safety-net. If you plan with a ‘safety-net budget in place, you can take advantage of add-ons later if funds are still available for use.

3. Not Hiring Credible Contractors

When hiring a contractor or designer, ensure that they provide references and benchmark projects, as this will give you confidence and provide you with a sense of the quality of work they deliver. Some contractors may not even be able to manage the type of scope you have in mind. Choose contractors that allow you to visit existing job sites, and speak to past clients to ensure that they are the right fit for you. Good contractors will always provide a detailed estimate of work to be done, and address any questions regarding city permits, and materials used.

4. Focusing more on ‘wants’ vs ‘needs.’

Everyone has a ‘want vs. needs’ list, and the “wants” are always a long list. Trying to thin out your scope and materials to fit your wants list into your renovation may yield negative results. Never comprise the level of materials and finish as these are the small things that make the space stand out. Also, ensure that your contractor can receive discounts on materials for you to take advantage of to include more of your wants list.

5. Trying to “do-it-yourself”

Thinking that you can do it all yourself is one of the biggest mistakes that first-time renovation planners make. Renovations have multiple complex components that need ample planning so that the project ties together. When you manage a renovation project yourself, the most significant problems people encounter are timelines, budgeting, and work quality of work. These delays will push back project milestones and will cause a ripple effect of chaos. You will most likely also end well over budget as the projects drag on, the quality of work starts to diminish, and the perpetual maintenance fees add up.

Increase your home’s value the most.

Would you like to raise your home’s value?

As a property owner, you have much more than just a place to call home. The place where you spend the most time doubles as an investment. Conducting necessary upkeep and repairs is one way to preserve its value.

But it’s possible to boost the value of your property as well. To achieve this, you should make upgrades that are well received in the housing market, advises Real Canadian Management. Bathroom remodeling and renovation projects form a solid basis for reaching that goal.

Buyers appreciate bathrooms that look great and provide extra amenities. This inclination will get reflected in the closing price should you want to sell your home one day.

It’s important to note that bathroom upgrades come in various levels of return on your investment. Some projects deliver exceptional value, others might not fare that well.

In this article, we’ll go over the basics and major types of bathroom upgrades. By following through with these tips, you’ll have the chance to maximize the return on your bathroom touch-up.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Bathroom?

Bathrooms play an important role in the outcome of home sales. While kitchens are often deemed to be the most desirable part of a home, bathrooms are a close second.

Updating your bathroom may not be fully compensated when you compare the investment to the closing price. Still, the potential for return is high relative to bedrooms or living rooms.

Bathroom upgrades in the Vancouver area range anywhere between $4,000 and $15,000. The particular costs highly depend on the type and extent of the conducted work. Very simple DIY touches could easily cost less than $4,000. Upscale renovations may exceed even $20,000.

Return on your bathroom renovation investment depends on multiple factors, including the market conditions and updated components. The average returns hover around 70% to 80% across different studies.

Remember that useful bathroom upgrades aren’t necessarily big renovations. Some quick and cheap improvements could make a considerable impact on your home sale. For instance, hardware renewal, re-caulking, and brand new fixtures can raise your bathroom’s value.

Another thing to consider is Joy Score. This term used by the NAR in the States represents a homeowner’s expected enjoyment and satisfaction with the home improvements.

According to the NAR in 2019, bathroom renovations have a Joy Score of 9.6 out of 10. This is a great result. The best part is that there is virtually no difference between DIY and pro renovations.

Which Bathroom Upgrades Boost Your Home’s Value?

Let’s take a closer look at the top upgrade projects that can increase the value of your property.

1. Upgrade Your Vanity

Bathroom vanity makeover results in a huge difference. A worn and dull bathroom can take on an entirely new look. The return on investment can be very good when you make the colors, patterns, and overall design work together.

2. Modernize the Cabinets

Old and tired bathroom cabinets decrease the value of your home. Reface your cabinets to get rid of that dull look. If you are looking for a more budget-oriented solution, you may consider a quick hardware upgrade. The result may be better than expected.

3. Renew the Bathroom Flooring

Consider upgrading your bathroom flooring for a bigger renovation project. The upfront cost may not be that high compared to the potential return on your hard-earned money. That’s because the renewal of the flooring can give a brand new look to your bathroom.

Before deciding on the flooring material, examine the possibility of installing floor heating. This upgrade will make relaxing in the bath much cozier during the cold wintertime. No more freezing toes after getting out of the water.

The top choices for bathroom flooring are ceramic or porcelain tiles. You want to have flooring in the bathroom that can withstand moisture and heat. These durable materials are affordable compared to some of the alternatives like natural stone.

4. Increase the Energy-Efficiency

More and more home buyers are looking for “green” properties. Since the bathroom is one of the most energy-consuming areas of your home, it pays to take a good look at how you can cut down on energy use.

The first step is getting a high-efficiency showerhead and sink faucet. The optimized water flow will make every single bathing and handwashing more sustainable.

The second step is switching all of your bathroom lighting solutions to LED-powered lighting. Additionally, you can purchase a new toilet. The modern toilets are more energy-efficient compared to the older models.

5. Consider a New Backsplash

Updating the backsplash comes in a variety of costs depending on the materials you use and how upscale you want things to look. A cheaper, yet beautiful variant is a classic tile that comes in many forms. For a more dramatic appearance, you can mix materials, opt for mosaics, or use natural stone.

In a Nutshell: Bathroom Upgrades That Increase Your Home’s Value

Upgrading your bathroom is a great idea if you aim to boost the value of your home. These are our top recommendations:

  • Update your bathroom flooring
  • Get a new backsplash
  • Replace all the vanity
  • Make your bathroom eco-friendly
  • Reface the cabinets

The best Decor of beautiful home

The decor is one of the important parts of the house. As a company with firm roots in the city, we proudly support other businesses that love home design as much as we do. Provide is one of those brands, with innovative designs that are constantly making Vancouver a more stylish place to live. Our designers love the bold, unconventional look of their products, and find them very inspiring for accenting and crafting modern spaces.

Provider decor for every room in your home, making it easy for you to develop a cohesive style. From minimalistic sculptures to richly embroidered textiles, it’s easy to find something fit for every unique aesthetic. Accessories aren’t the only items in Provide’s inventory. Their vast catalog also includes statement furniture pieces, such as illuminated seating, tree trunk tables, and wireframe ottomans that could serve as a demonstration of the beauties of geometry. Provide is located on Beatty Street, not far from BC Place. Pop in any day to find pieces that will motivate you to makeover your entire home!

Reasons to enlist an expert laneway house builder.

On July 28, 2009, Vancouver formally approved the construction of laneway houses on properties where a garage would typically be situated.

The City of Vancouver, along with other municipalities in the Lower Mainland, has acknowledged that laneway houses are a viable solution for affordable housing for urban workers and contribute to creating a sustainable and modern environment.


Laneway houses are additional living spaces that are constructed behind the primary street-facing houses on properties that are adjacent to a public laneway. They typically comprise of both a parking accessory and a dwelling unit, and are relatively small in size.

There are numerous motivations for property owners to consider building laneway houses on their land. Some may opt to create additional living space for family members or as an in-law suite, while others may choose to generate rental income from the unit, which can yield a significant return on investment. By constructing laneway homes, landlords can improve the quality of rental housing, rejuvenate the neighborhood, and utilize existing infrastructure to maximize the property’s potential.

Other than providing affordable renting options, here’s why you should consider enlisting the services of an expert Laneway house builder:

Laneway Homes Offer Supportable Eco-Density

The whole reason why this plan was ratified was to create more affordable housing for persons looking to reside in Vancouver. These types of rentals provide more opportunities for people relocating to the city because it will be nearby their workplace, amenities, and the commute time will be significantly lessened. These small suites provide a supportable eco-density without compromising on privacy.

Laneway Homes For Young Families/Aging Family Members

Constructing a laneway house on an existing space is an excellent way of providing a living space for aging family, or accommodating the needs of young families who don’t require that much space and are living on a budget.

According to The Vancouver Heritage Foundation, these dwellings have been widely embraced by financially unstable people. This is especially the case with the increasing cost of housing in urban areas.

Financial Benefits in constructing a Laneway Home

Laneway suites offer homeowners an extra source of income and provide an excellent rental alternative for young families with limited resources. It also preserves the historic allure by infilling back yards, which enables gentler densification compared to demolition and new builds. So if you’re a working male or female aged 30-65 years and are looking to boost your financial income, you should think about enlisting a professional Laneway house builder to do the renovations and custom home builder.


To build a laneway house there are certain steps involved that will assist you in determining costs and feasibility, and also acquiring necessary approvals.

Step 1: Review property attributes and zoning regulations

Your property’s attributes and where it’s located may affect the erection of your laneway home. Before you begin the project, you’ll need to:

  • Investigate the zone your house is located
  • review what is permissible for development in your particular zone
  • Learn whether your house is in an artesian aquifer location
  • Investigate if an underground storage tank is on your premises, which will need removal
  • assets the energy needs for constructing the laneway home.

Step 2: Get requisite pre-approvals

To ascertain that your proposal for building a laneway suite remains on course without any hiccups and scuffles with the law, it will play to your interests to have certain details evaluated and pre-approved before you make a formal construction permit(s) application. You can do this by consulting with a design professional, consulting with city staff, and applying for a water line and sewer connection.

Step 3: Submit your license application(s)

Before you’re issued with a construction permit(s), your application will be evaluated and you’ll get to address any concerns or deficiencies.

  • Pay fees and submit your application. For your application to be given the go-ahead, you’ll have to present all the requisite documentation and have paid the permit charges.
  • Application review. All laneway home proposals must receive approval for any concerns like tree removal(s) to be addressed.
  • Permit(s) approval. If you’ve met all the requirements, you’ll have grounds to start the work described in the license.

Step 4: Get trade permits, request inspections, and start construction

When you have received your construction permit, you can start your laneway house project and get requisite permits, and schedule inspections.

  • Get trade permits. Building a laneway home will need separate trade permits. They include gas, fire sprinkler, electrical, and plumbing.
  • Book inspections. At different phases of the project, all completed work will require inspection.

Step 5: Occupy building(s)

The laneway house is considered fit for occupancy once a final inspection is conducted by approved personnel. It would be best to have an occupancy permit to limit liability suits down the line. Optimize your property by creating an exciting multi-functional suite, and reap the benefits of your investment. Hire a professional Laneway house builder for a top-notch renovation service and custom home build. Just ensure you follow the right channels and meet city protocols if you want the laneway house idea to work for you.

Who you can choose!

API Home Renovation Company offers a wide range of services to help transform your home into the space you’ve always envisioned. From kitchen and bathroom remodeling to full-home renovations, our team of experienced professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure your vision is brought to life.

Our team is committed to providing top-quality service and craftsmanship, using only the highest quality materials and latest technologies to ensure your home renovation is both beautiful and durable. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to work within your budget and timeline, delivering outstanding results that exceed your expectations.

At API Home Renovation Company, we understand that a home renovation can be a big investment, which is why we offer flexible financing options to help make your dream home a reality. Whether you’re looking to add value to your home or simply want to create a more functional and beautiful living space, we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help transform your home into the space of your dreams!

Beautiful bathroom design and fantastic renovation.

If you want to get beautiful bathroom design work done then you need to know what professionals can do to make your home look its best. There are a lot of renovations you can do to a bathroom to get it into awesome shape. Not only will your bathroom look great, it will also add value to your home.

Should You Get A Professional’s Opinion?

Sometimes you’re going to know what to do to make your bathroom better. But, if you’re not sure of what it’s going to take, then it’s okay to contact a professional that knows the ins and outs of designing bathrooms. Since you’re not trained in doing renovations, a mistake could cost you in the long run. By letting a professional guide you, it’s possible to avoid making costly mistakes.

Get your bathroom inspected even if you don’t think there is anything wrong with it. You never know, there could be issues under the surface that need to be dealt with. A professional can take a good look at everything for you and then can tell you what needs to be done to get your bathroom back into great shape. Whether you need simple work done like a few flooring tiles repaired or have to get something like a new toilet put in, it’s best to have a plan of attack that a professional came up with so you know how to proceed. Every renovation will have unknown variables that must be accounted for during the renovation. You may want to change something mid-way or decide to go in a different direction for some reason. A great rule to follow is to keep 10-15 % of your budget on the side for a ‘safety-net. If you plan with a ‘safety-net budget in place, you can take advantage of add-ons later if funds are still available for use.

beautiful bathroom

Know What To Look For In A Renovation Service

Don’t hire just anyone to do renovation work, especially if you know that someone is an amateur. You need people working on this that are well trained and know their field well. A good professional is going to be able to do renovations in a quick and safe manner. Even if you have to pay a little more to work with someone that knows what they’re doing, it’s going to be worth it. This is the case because someone that is good at what they do is not as likely to make a mistake or miss something.

Picking Out A Bathroom Design That Suits Your Home

One way to learn more about bathroom design options is to look them up on the internet. You can see different pictures of bathrooms and then you can save images to your device of what you’re interested in. Then, you can show what you find to a skilled professional and they can let you know what it will cost to make your ideas into a reality. If you’re not sure of how to start, you can also just ask someone that knows design inside and out to provide you with a few ideas so you can pick the best from them.

Know that designs that are popular are going to change over time. In other words, what once was something most homes had could eventually be something that people try to avoid. If you want to add value to a home, you’re going to need to know what the trends are so you can work them into your bathroom’s design. For homes that don’t have any work done in them for a while, it may be wise to shake things up a bit before putting them on the market. The bathroom is an important part of a home so it has to look great.

More On Bathroom Renovations And Bathroom DesignIt’s possible to do a few renovations at a time if you can’t afford to make a lot of changes all at once. Just ask a bathroom remodeling professional if they can break the work up into sections that you can take care of a little at a time. You don’t want them to start working until you know what your budget is so you don’t end up spending more than you wanted to. Most professionals are going to be happy to work with you over an extended period of time if you’re not someone with a lot to spend on this at this moment.

Know that it’s wise to keep up with your bathroom so you can deal with issues before they get really expensive to take care of. If you notice a problem, get it dealt with ASAP. You don’t want something small and inexpensive to fix to turn into something that costs you thousands. A lot of people just assume that if they deal with something later, it’s not a big deal. Then they quickly find out that they should’ve dealt with it when they first noticed the issue because it got a lot more costly to take on.

Now is the time to get bathroom renovations done that enhance your home in general. There are plenty of awesome designs that you can work with yourself or you can just hire someone to help you make your bathroom something very special.

Top 4 wonderful reasons for fantastic renovation for a kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces of any home, In addition to being the area where meals are prepared, the kitchen is a major congregation point for any family; it is also where breakfast is commonly served, homework is done and midnight snacks are enjoyed. This important space can also be used to host guests during parties.

With that in mind, it is important to note that there are many benefits of renovating your kitchen. And, if you have been thinking about having your kitchen renovated but are yet to make a final decision, here are four good reasons to get you over that line.

1. A Refreshing New Look

One of the main reasons why most homeowners choose to have their kitchen remodeled is to give it a refreshing new look. Whether you just bought your house or have been living there for years, you might want to renovate the kitchen if it is showing signs of deterioration.

Old and outdated appliances, broken or even missing cabinet doors, peeling countertops, and cracked tiles are some of the main signs of a kitchen that is in dire need of renovation. With some much-needed upgrades, you can bring your kitchen back to life in no time.

Even if your kitchen looks pristine, but has not been updated for many years, a renovation will help you bring it straight into the 21st century with a modern kitchen design and brand new appliances.

2. Enhanced Functionality

A dated kitchen that has not been remodeled for decades tends to lose a significant portion of its functionality. For instance, you might find that it is impossible to open the refrigerator doors if one or more cabinet doors are open. In some cases, the kitchen counter may be littered with other appliances or damaged to the point that you have very little space over which to prepare meals.

Fortunately, all this can be easily remedied with a well-planned and executed kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen renovations can also help you create more room to accommodate a growing family or guests.

3. Water and Energy Savings

Another great reason for you to remodel your kitchen is to save on water and energy consumption. Kitchens are normally full of many water and energy-consuming appliances including refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, stoves, and ovens. Older appliances are more likely to consume more energy and water; furthermore, such appliances usually break down frequently, leaving you hefty repair bills every now and then.

With a newly renovated kitchen, you can enjoy the many benefits of having the latest water and energy-saving appliances bearing the EPA’s energy star seal. Furthermore, there are many other ways of enhancing the energy efficiency of your kitchen during a renovation. Good examples include the use of eco-friendly building materials and design alterations such as the addition of a skylight – which would eliminate the use of artificial light during the day.

4. Increased Home Value

Simply put, a kitchen remodeling project can help you improve the value of your home. In fact, depending on where you reside, the details of the renovations, amount invested, and time that you choose to sell, you can recoup up to 90 percent of the value of the remodeling if, and when, you choose to sell your home in the future.

Your home is also more likely to attract more buyers, and with it, sell faster, if it has a remodeled kitchen. This is because most buyers often look for a home that requires minimal renovations.


Whether intended or not, a brand new kitchen can make you want to cook more regularly, and with it, increase your intake of healthier food. While it is true that eating out is convenient, it can be costly and also lead to a higher intake of unhealthy foods.

With brand new appliances, a highly functional design, and a roomier countertop, a new kitchen will definitely make cooking at home more appealing!

In addition to making it easier for you to enjoy home-cooked meals on the regular, a brand new kitchen can be exactly what your family needs to start enjoying more time together. Simply put, if you are cooking at home more regularly you will also be able to enjoy more meals together, instead of having to stand around waiting for tables at restaurants.

For those who enjoy hosting parties and guests in their homes, a kitchen renovation can help you create a refreshing new space in which you and your guests can spend time together. Anyone who knows anything about entertaining guests will tell you that the kitchen is actually the center of any party!

All in all, it is clear to see that a kitchen renovation comes with a long list of benefits to you and your family. On top of giving your home a fresh new look, renovating your kitchen can help eat healthier meals and enjoy more time with family and friends.

A brief guide to wonderful kitchen with fantastic renovation.

A kitchen renovation is one of the most considerable factors when it comes to buying a property as a project. That is primarily because contemporary kitchen designs are relatively larger. Since they are often the hub of family life. And when it comes to older properties, they might be dark and pokey and made simply as a space for cooking.

Having said that, a kitchen is generally one of the most difficult spaces to deal with when renovating a home. Specifically if you are planning a multi-functional space that functions as dining, socializing, and living space, as well as a place for preparing food.

You can use this guide to walk you through the basics of kitchen renovation projects. This includes planning a design and even extending your house, electrics, plumbing, heating, and more.

Structural Changes for Your Kitchen Renovations

As part of the kitchen renovation. If you are looking to make a small space bigger, you will need to carry out some structural changes to your home. That might involve building an extension or perhaps knocking through to convert individual smaller spaces into a bigger one.

Based on the kind of extension and the complexity of the design you want. You will have some options in who will design and build your extension. In general, an architect is a common option for a more practical design. Architectural technologists, as well as design and build companies, might provide simple but useful house extension ideas.

You should note that a small kitchen extension. May also be transformative to space, enabling you to fit in a snug or dining table where that room was just a kitchen before. Side return extensions are very popular when it comes to terraced and semi-detached properties.

Knocking down internal walls will need a structural engineer and a builder in case the wall is load-bearing. They’ll calculate appropriate measurements for steel inserts. To be applied for supporting the floor’s weight safely, according to Building Regulations. More often than not, a sign off will be needed by a Building Control inspector.

Should you ask the kitchen company to handle your kitchen renovation?

You might realize that a few kitchen fitting companies will manage and oversee the comprehensive range of tradespeople that you require for renovating a kitchen – this includes plumbers and electricians. You can also find a local kitchen fitter or builder who might do the job for less.
Word of mouth referrals might often be an effective starting point to choosing a local kitchen fitter. However, you’ll need to take your time to research how long that company has been in business. Whether they have the relevant credentials or are insured and the subcontractors they use.

It would be prudent to find a few different contractors’ estimates. Before deciding the final candidate since this will help you to get the most value for your money. It will also help to determine if your final budget is manageable or needs cutbacks. It would be best to find out earlier than to realize later that you are on the wrong side of debt.

Buying kitchen appliances

You may purchase everything for your new kitchen including work surface, cabinets, ovens, splashbacks and white goods (dishwasher and fridge freezer) from the one firm.

Nonetheless, if you got the time, it is recommended that you shop around to guarantee that you get the best price. Although you may get a work surface cheaper somewhere, you’ll then have to plan its installation. Shopping around is specifically worthwhile for white goods. Optimize your spending power by being cautious for upcoming sales (mostly around Easter or in the post-Christmas period).

Hire a structural engineer or an architect

In case your renovation entails knocking down your structural wall – maybe to combine two rooms to have the desired open plan kitchen space – it would be best to speak to an architect or work with a structural engineer and a builder who can give you advice on the best course of action and ensure you get building regulation approval.

You might also need to consider employing an architect, especially if you’re working on a major project. Architects usually add approximately 15% to the project’s cost and although you’re not needed to have them for any jobs, they can always guarantee a better result in case your new kitchen plans demand a huge departure from the existing space.

Paying for your kitchen renovation

It’s often recommended that you have your kitchen company offer you an all-inclusive breakdown of costs. These might include any ‘hidden’ surcharges associating with electrics, removals, painting, plumbing, flooring, and so on) so that you may cut your budget accordingly.

Don’t pay over 25% deposit before everything gets delivered. This is in case a company delivers damaged goods and they subsequently deny to replace or even goes out of business in the interim.

The ways to improve your fantastic kitchen in 2022

It’s well known that kitchens can sell homes. Because of this, it might be time to renovate your kitchen. Not only do you get more value out of having an updated kitchen, but minor kitchen upgrades have proven to be one of the renovation projects that yields the greatest returns on your investment [1]. Are you looking to getting a kitchen renovation done? If so, this article will go over some of the top things to know about improving your kitchen in 2022.

Improving Your Kitchen In 2022:

1. It Doesn’t Have To Be Major

While you could certainly go all out with your kitchen renovation, you don’t have to. It likely takes much less than you would think. You don’t necessarily need to shell out tens of thousands to get your kitchen looking modern. A lot of the major overhauls can cost over six figures. While this can certainly boost the value of your home, it’s not always needed.

You can do a lot with minor upgrades. In the Remodeling magazine, it showed that small kitchen projects earn a return that exceeds 83% [2]. It’s undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make in your home. Not only does it improve your quality of life while you continue to use it daily, but it can enhance the value of your home if you ever do end up selling it.

2. Focus On Minimalism

One of the good things about decor in 2022 and beyond is that minimalism is in and it’s here to stay. Minimalism is a great way to save money on your renovations. After all, if you’re incorporating a minimalistic look and feel into your kitchen, you won’t find yourself spending too much on unnecessary things. There is a trend of hiding commonly used large and smaller appliances behind cabinets and doors. This can make your kitchen look ultra-sleek and modern. It can also help you keep your kitchen from looking cluttered.

fantastic kitchen

3. Smart Kitchens

There is a trend of having a smart home. This trend is only widening and entering the kitchen at a rapid pace. Nowadays, you will find a lot of smart appliances selling in the marketplace. These appliances come with a lot of quality-of-life enhancements that can help you make the most of the time you spend in the kitchen. You can find smart precision ovens, smart microwaves, smart air fryers, smart stoves, and even smart fridges. A lot of homeowners are finding more and more convenience in having everything connected.

4. Sustainable Design

There is another trend swooping the industry that has been good for the environment. More and more people are recognizing the impact their choices have on the environment and they are doing their part to minimize their carbon footprint.

Many more homeowners than ever before are opting for sustainable materials and renovation methods that help to reduce the negative impact they have on the environment. Thus, there are many more homeowners opting for resurfacing to get more usage out of the cabinets they already have. This is not only beneficial for the environment, but it can also be beneficial for your wallet. Sustainable choices can be a great way to reduce the cost of your renovation job.

5. Using Vertical Space

For so long, a lot of homeowners allowed a lot of their vertical space to go unused. Nowadays, you will find more and more looking to get the most out of this free space. Not only does it keep your kitchen from getting too cluttered, but it can give you a lot of functional and usable storage space. Whether you add more upper cabinets, strategically place hooks, or build corner shelves, vertical space shouldn’t be ignored.

6. Lighting Is Everything

One of the things a lot of homeowners underestimate is the importance of lighting. The truth is, the lighting in your kitchen can make or break the design. Lighting is especially important in the kitchen. By installing lighting properly and by choosing the right type of lighting, you can make the kitchen look larger. You want two different types of lighting in your kitchen. First, you want ambient lighting. This is the lighting you can get from mounted ceiling fixtures. You also want task lighting. This is the lighting that will provide lighting for when you are using the countertops and even the kitchen island.

7. Keep It Open

The trend towards more open kitchens is only expected to continue in 2022. You will find more and more homeowners opting for a more open design that blurs the end of the kitchen with either the dining room. This can help enhance the sophistication of the design and allow you to have a lot more functional space to host parties and dinners. Having a kitchen that allows you to interact with your guests while you are prepping the food can be a major advantage to an open design.

As you can see, there are plenty of different things to be aware of when it comes to a kitchen renovation. Within this article, you should have learned a lot about how to effectively improve your kitchen with a minor or major renovation.