The scope of work in “Beautiful Home fantastic Renovation”

How to make and use a “scope of work” when working on a home renovation project.

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Why “scope of work” is important?

First of all, “Scope of work” is the construction term for the list of work that needs to be done in a home renovation project. In addition, when a contractor asks about the scope of your project. And they want to know, “What’s all you need us to do?” API Home renovation breaks down all underneath.

Define the “scope of work”

The first, is the early step when you start your plan, such as when you start talking to general contractors, your scope will likely be very vague. For example: “I want to renovate the master bathroom, including retiling and with new cabinets and fixtures.”

Next, it’s time to ask the general contractor for estimates, you’ll work with them to fill out the details. These important details make up the scope of work! As a result, the details will include the exact work that needs to be done, including specifics of materials and fixtures, as well as a drawn plan for any changes to the layout, plumbing, or electronic systems.

Finally, all the specifics need to be written down at the time you ask for a contract. Once you have signed, additional changes to the scope of work are considered “changes to the order” and will incur additional costs.

Adjust your budget and “scope of work”

However, usually, you won’t be able to move from the general specifications scope of work until you know the cost of all options. In this case, we recommend making a list of everything you want, broken down into “must-have” and “nice-to-have” lists. All in all, your contractor can help you decide on a specific scope that fits your budget.

Example of a “scope of work” in home renovation

  • Replace new toilets
  • Replace new vanity cabinets
  • Change new sinks
  • Retile floor: hardwood, vynal, laminate,…
  • Relocate shower, change shower
  • Install cement board
  • Tile shower/tub surround
  • Replace light, add new light
  • Add outlets
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Change new kitchen: setup new appliances, new cabinets, new ventilation system.