The ways to improve your fantastic kitchen in 2022

It’s well known that kitchens can sell homes. Because of this, it might be time to renovate your kitchen. Not only do you get more value out of having an updated kitchen, but minor kitchen upgrades have proven to be one of the renovation projects that yields the greatest returns on your investment [1]. Are you looking to getting a kitchen renovation done? If so, this article will go over some of the top things to know about improving your kitchen in 2022.

Improving Your Kitchen In 2022:

1. It Doesn’t Have To Be Major

While you could certainly go all out with your kitchen renovation, you don’t have to. It likely takes much less than you would think. You don’t necessarily need to shell out tens of thousands to get your kitchen looking modern. A lot of the major overhauls can cost over six figures. While this can certainly boost the value of your home, it’s not always needed.

You can do a lot with minor upgrades. In the Remodeling magazine, it showed that small kitchen projects earn a return that exceeds 83% [2]. It’s undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make in your home. Not only does it improve your quality of life while you continue to use it daily, but it can enhance the value of your home if you ever do end up selling it.

2. Focus On Minimalism

One of the good things about decor in 2022 and beyond is that minimalism is in and it’s here to stay. Minimalism is a great way to save money on your renovations. After all, if you’re incorporating a minimalistic look and feel into your kitchen, you won’t find yourself spending too much on unnecessary things. There is a trend of hiding commonly used large and smaller appliances behind cabinets and doors. This can make your kitchen look ultra-sleek and modern. It can also help you keep your kitchen from looking cluttered.

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3. Smart Kitchens

There is a trend of having a smart home. This trend is only widening and entering the kitchen at a rapid pace. Nowadays, you will find a lot of smart appliances selling in the marketplace. These appliances come with a lot of quality-of-life enhancements that can help you make the most of the time you spend in the kitchen. You can find smart precision ovens, smart microwaves, smart air fryers, smart stoves, and even smart fridges. A lot of homeowners are finding more and more convenience in having everything connected.

4. Sustainable Design

There is another trend swooping the industry that has been good for the environment. More and more people are recognizing the impact their choices have on the environment and they are doing their part to minimize their carbon footprint.

Many more homeowners than ever before are opting for sustainable materials and renovation methods that help to reduce the negative impact they have on the environment. Thus, there are many more homeowners opting for resurfacing to get more usage out of the cabinets they already have. This is not only beneficial for the environment, but it can also be beneficial for your wallet. Sustainable choices can be a great way to reduce the cost of your renovation job.

5. Using Vertical Space

For so long, a lot of homeowners allowed a lot of their vertical space to go unused. Nowadays, you will find more and more looking to get the most out of this free space. Not only does it keep your kitchen from getting too cluttered, but it can give you a lot of functional and usable storage space. Whether you add more upper cabinets, strategically place hooks, or build corner shelves, vertical space shouldn’t be ignored.

6. Lighting Is Everything

One of the things a lot of homeowners underestimate is the importance of lighting. The truth is, the lighting in your kitchen can make or break the design. Lighting is especially important in the kitchen. By installing lighting properly and by choosing the right type of lighting, you can make the kitchen look larger. You want two different types of lighting in your kitchen. First, you want ambient lighting. This is the lighting you can get from mounted ceiling fixtures. You also want task lighting. This is the lighting that will provide lighting for when you are using the countertops and even the kitchen island.

7. Keep It Open

The trend towards more open kitchens is only expected to continue in 2022. You will find more and more homeowners opting for a more open design that blurs the end of the kitchen with either the dining room. This can help enhance the sophistication of the design and allow you to have a lot more functional space to host parties and dinners. Having a kitchen that allows you to interact with your guests while you are prepping the food can be a major advantage to an open design.

As you can see, there are plenty of different things to be aware of when it comes to a kitchen renovation. Within this article, you should have learned a lot about how to effectively improve your kitchen with a minor or major renovation.