The trending beautiful kitchen designs in 2022

Whether you plan to renovate an existing kitchen or invest in an incredible new kitchen, you will want the latest clever twists and innovative design. But, are you confused with what the latest looks and innovations entail? Well, the new trends entail renovation of the kitchen appliances, cabinets, and layouts. But again, what are the hottest kitchen designs and trends when it comes to looks? Below we detail everything you may need to know on the latest trends in kitchen designs for 2022.

Veined Marble

Using veined marble on the worktops, floors, or walls can make your kitchen look stylish and modern. Since marble is versatile and comes in various depths, colors, and styles, it perfectly suits your aesthetics.

Concealed Kitchen

This modern kitchen design involves concealing the cooking area, allowing you to focus on cooking. You can even improve the design by uniting the kitchen with the dining and living room and then concealing the cooking area at one end of the room.

This design scheme of a concealed kitchen is flexible enough to easily transition from the living room, dining room to the kitchen. The cooking area is invisible, with all the doors hidden or looking like decorative finishings on the walls. These doors feature fingerprint sensors that enhance smoother closing and opening.

Two-Tone Finishes

Two-tone finishes involve contrasting finishes on the kitchen floor, walls, worktops, and cabinets to create a desirable aesthetic. You may combine the island in appealing hues, brighter shades, deep dark units, or a softer dove grey hue with a darker grey shade.

You can still use the two-tone design scheme in the invisible parts of the kitchen, such as cupboard and drawer interiors, which require the same kind of finishing as the exterior finishes in the latest trends in kitchen design for 2022.

Downdraft Extractors

Extractor fans are one of the kitchen designs that is trending. The main advantage of the extractor fans is their ability to remove vapors and odors right from the hob and prevent them from permeating into the air. This extractor fan also works as a visual barrier in open-kitchen living spaces by placing it on the island. This integration of creativity makes the kitchen design look stylish and professional.

Tile Layouts

When putting the tiles when renovating your kitchen, you need to watch the tile layout and formation. Although the metro, oblong and classic tile shapes have been in use for years, the way you place them is what makes the difference. For instance, the simple linear arrangement, step ladder effect, and staggering bond layouts are the most sought-after formations.

Structures Simplicity

The Streamline kitchen trend is still gaining popularity. It’s a less-is-more approach that creates sweeping lines in a calming space. It involves identifying high-quality items and materials that generate functionality and strong lines at the forefront.

To better integrate these trending looks, you will need hidden storage and integrated appliances to prevent look disruption.

Smart Storage

This trending kitchen design focuses on decluttering the kitchen, especially if you have many items in the kitchen, such as cooking equipment and ingredients. The storage concealing declutters the kitchen, making it aesthetic.

Green Cabinetry

Although the bold dark has dominated the market for years, green kitchen cabinetry is now trending—the green kitchen trends in cabinetry and tiles primarily in forest green, sage, and emerald tones. Green is luxurious and dramatic, mainly if you use it in varying hues.

Statement Taps

When it comes to kitchen looks and innovations, statement taps are dominating. Equipping your kitchen with industrial-looking faucets with exciting features and unusual handles is an excellent way to compliment the space and draw the eyes.

You only need to streamline the looks by pairing with similar draw grips and cupboard finishes for consistent styling.

Final ThoughtsWith the 2022 trends in kitchen design starting to shine, you can renovate your kitchen to achieve professional styles while maximizing the space. You can even unite the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen to make the room large and light-filled. The above guide provides you with the innovations you can use to make your kitchen look new and latest in 2022.