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Our process

Our Process

Our Unique Three Steps Approach

At API Home Renovation, every project has the same priority and is all done with the same patience and precision throughout each step to achieve the best possible outcome. With three simple steps of the whole process, we strive to fill the void to reduce stress for our clients and build a relationship that lasts forever.


It is always important to start with a plan and understanding what you can and cannot do allows the process to go much more smoothly. At the Design stage, you will work with our talented consultants and project designers. We will work together to create an optimal design that meets your aesthetic and functional needs while remaining within investment limits. This is a very important part of the innovation process. It will determine what we will be renovating, what permits we will require, as well as the budget we spend on materials. This step is not only about creating a beautiful design but also the first step of a successful renovation process. Contact us now, to set up your free consultation to see how designing with API Home Renovation can help you.


Now that the design is complete and we know what we need to do to achieve your goal, it’s time to plan. At this stage, we will analyze all the details. You will work with our interior designers, and they will help you select all the materials, colors, and patterns that will bring your designs to life. After presenting our ideas and creative thinking about your dream home, our team will focus on the following; engineering, professional services, tiered approvals as needed, registration licensing, industry and supplier coordination, and scheduling. After you choose your desired materials, our team will take them from here and you can see the magic happen. Remember that if you don’t plan, your plan will fail.


Now that we’ve passed the design and planning steps, it’s time to start executing the project. Our construction team will be in direct contact with you during this phase. They will work daily on your project and coordinate with interior designers to ensure your vision is properly executed. You will be able to see the progress through the interactive schedule, as well as a log added by our team so you can see the progress and you can visit the building at any time. Our dedicated team will work tirelessly on your project so you can sleep comfortably knowing your home is in your hands. Register your claim today and find out how this 3-step process can help you with your project.

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