The best renovation washroom beautiful

The project renovated all washrooms of the house in central Vancouver were badly damaged and moldy.

Equally important, the house is now completed to bring satisfaction to the owner. Overall, the main goal of the renovation is to provide a new living area with more functionality. And then, becoming more beautiful and modern. Indeed, this is a significant transformation from the original old layout of the current house.

First, when the project started, the design team at API home renovation worked with the client to select a new design. Next, we choose the best material supplier for this project. After, the owner renovated all the washrooms and bedrooms. Moreover, the bedrooms in the house are requested by the owner to use bright white colors, creating a more modern and prominent feeling for the house. In addition, the customer also replaced the entire kitchen cabinets, they used bright white and silver handles as accents. However, the design added some accents, so that the house looks different.

Overall, this renovation has made customers extremely satisfied. At all costs, customer satisfaction is the success of the API home improvement company.